updated 1/21/21

Spirit Of The Flame is pivoting & moving!

New date: March 26 – 28 2021
This will be the last date to qualify for Regionals!

New venue: Ultimate Sports Connection Training Center in Concord CA.
This 23,000+ sq. ft facility is brand new. The San Jose Convention Center is unable to confirm that they will be open.

Spirit Flip for Fun Information

Subject to change per local and state regulations.


We will be sanctioned by both USA Gymnastics and NGA (National Gymnastics Association).

Registration Information >

  • Email current roster to abra(at)spiritoftheflame.com with:
    Name / Birthday / Level /USAG Athlete # or NGA Athlete and Club #s / GK Leo size (chart).
  • Please mail checks to Spirit of The Flame, P.O. Box 54339, San Jose, CA 95154.

Our Commitment

  • The facility is cleaned throughout the day and thoroughly sanitized in between each rotation and at the end of each evening.
  • Bathroom doors will stay open and floor signage on where to stand for access to maintain physical distancing will be in place.
  • Our number one goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible, and we will meet or exceed COVID guidelines.
  • Rotations will be by team and the schedule has been constructed to limit the number of athletes sharing apparatus.
  • Coaches, Judges and Spirit Team members will be wearing masks.
  • Markings to ensure 6-foot distancing will be in the facility & in our back-viewing area.

Coaches and Judges Hospitality

  • Food will be catered and served with proper sanitizing procedures.
  • Utensils will be prepackaged
  • Eating areas will be physically distanced.

Athlete Requirement

  • Athletes will need to follow the current state/county guidelines for masks at the time of the event.
  • Each Athlete will need to bring a backpack that they will take with them in the gym.
  • Athletes must keep their belongings/snacks in their backpacks and eat in their assigned spot.
  • Athletes must stay with their team and in their assigned team waiting areas. they MAY NOT have any physical contact with other teams or coaches.
  • Athletes may NOT share any personal items, including snacks, water, clothing, hairbrushes.
  • Athletes must have their own personal box with chalk. (It will be available for sale.)
  • Athletes MUST ARRIVE already dressed for competition & a filled water bottle. (We do have a filling station for refills). They should be wearing flip flops/slides or other easy on/off shoes to enter the building and go to the restrooms.
  • Each Athlete and Coach will be wellness checked, receive hand sanitizer and a wet wipe to wipe their feet after removing their shoes.
  • Athletes & Coaches will be distanced 6-10 feet apart during the competition and awards.
  • Masks must be worn when entering, exiting, using the restrooms, walking to the award area, etc.
  • Athletes will NOT be allowed to leave the facility during the competition and re-enter.
  • We will have water bottles for sale.

Parent Viewing

  • Viewing will be available on our large screens in the Spirit outside covered viewing area.
  • Spot TV pre sign-up will be available for your own device on our website. Cost is $5, link to be provided.
  • Siblings are allowed and will have an area set up for physically distanced activities.
  • Parents should plan to drop off and pick up your athlete at the specified group door. More info with schedules sent in January.
  • Parents will park and move to our outside viewing covered back area in the back-parking lot.
  • Please bring your own chairs
  • Masks must be worn, and physical distancing will be required.

Awards will be live!!


  • Small concession stand – with pre-packaged items available for purchase.
  • There are several restaurants less than 40 steps away including a Starbucks.
  • Photographer will also be on site.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your friends and hosts,
Abra Slater & the Spirit of the Flame Team